All That Glitters: Elisha Gold

All That Glitters


This eighth Installment of Circuitous Succession features sculptor Elisha Gold.

Bling and guns are never far from the sculptural and two-dimensional work of Elisha Gold. Much controversy surrounds Gold's use of the symbol of the everpresent gun in his work. However, the symbol of the gun is often represented in a playful and equally colorful format. In this new body of work the gun takes on a sculptural form that navigates away from the dark side of gun control issues and the driving force behind governing policies in place of satirical revisit to what a gun is to a child. Gold's work reminds Jason Miller, exhibition curator, of the water gun fights he had with neighborhood children when he was a child and reflects upon how the fondness for guns is embedded within the minds of many through toys during the impressionable age of childhood. Peter Gabriel hints upon this notion in his classic song Family Snapshot. The aforementioned bling enters the equation by Elisha's reference to the acronym "TCB" spelled out using colorful gun forms as an intricate component of the exhibition.

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Elisha Gold, Detail from All That Glitters


Gasoline (art gallery)

2493 Broad Avenue

Memphis, TN 38112


Friday, 9/06/2013


6pm- 9pm