Animalia: Jeane Umbreit

Animalia: An Image Series by Jeane Umbreit

Statement by Jeane Umbreit

This series of photo montages explores the understanding of our role as citizens of the kingdom of Animalia. My hope is that they inspire us to love and honor, to protect and respect all it's other citizens with who we are in partnership.


For this ninth installment of Circuitous Succession, Miller focuses on the digitally created photographic based images of Jeane Umbreit. Umbreit's imagery focuses on the extinction of animals. The series ranges from large creatures to small specimens. However, all the subjects represented in the Animalia series are magnificent and seen as never before through Umbreit's insightfully respectful vision.


Gasoline (art gallery)

2493 Broad Avenue

Memphis, TN 38112


Friday, 9/13/2013


6pm- 9pm