Circuitous Succession: epilogue (more info)

Attend the opening reception on October 10th from 6-9pm to see the works of forty-four regional and national artists, as curated by Jason Miller within a unique multi-level alternative exhibition space. The Scottish Rite Cathedral of Memphis will host the epilogue to the sixteen part series of solo exhibitions, which Miller curated approximately one year ago from July 19th- November 22nd, 2013. Circuitous Succession: Epilogue takes the torch lit by the initially included 16 artists, and expands in the mode of a group exhibition featuring artworks by 44 artists. The works are arranged by Miller throughout the multistoried building.

Miller has spent many hours within the Scottish Rite space and has given great consideration to the hanging, arranging, and lighting of this exhibition; he put his own resources and capital into the entire production solely. Viewing artworks in unusual spaces is of great interest to Miller because of the stark difference between weathered antique environments present in contrast to pristine museum or gallery settings. Places that show their age are charged with unique energies in a way not entirely unrelated to the way an artist charges his or her work with an individual presence.

Featured installations will include Greely Myatt's works "Well" and "Ray"  in the stairwells, Terri Phillips' "Members of the Board" on the stage, and Shara Rowley Plough's works "Maid's Work #3, #7, #8, #12" will be located in the balcony area. A new sculpture by Jay Etkin, "Smoke Alarm" will be located near the masonic smoking lounge. A grandiose new painting by Pinkney Herbert, a sculpture-painting relationship work by Roy Tamboli, new work by Lauren Coulson, the photography of Pixy Yijun Liao, a new drawing by Jeanne Seagle, new ceramic work by Nancy White, a new large scale multimedia piece by Jan Hankins, and many more surprises await viewers within this new exhibition.

Full list of 44 featured artists:

Pixy Yijun Liao, Jay Etkin, Jason Lanier, Beth Edwards, Erin Jennings, Jed Jackson, Caterina Tiazzoldi, Shara Rowley Plough, Eduardo Benamor Duarte, Valia Oliver, Nathan Yoakum, Julie Wright, Norman Soskel, Pinkney Herbert, Brian Anderson, Colin Kidder, Amelia Briggs, Judith Barrie, Jeane Umbreit, Lauren Coulson, Mike Coulson, Annette Fournet, Lawrence Jasud, Joey Miller, Ross McLean, Anne Froning, Saj Crone, Mary K VanGieson, Eric Painter, Terri Phillips, Greely Myatt, Nancy White, Roy Tamboli, Elisha Gold, Judith Barrie, Jeanne Seagle, Robin Salant, Bienvenido Howard Romero, Jan Hankins, Wayne Simpkins, Mari Trevelyan, Fletcher Golden, Jon Hart, Anna Maranise, Robert Lewis

Circuitous Succession: Epilogue will remain on view from its October 10th opening until November 10th. Visitors may park in the lot located beside the Scottish Rite in the spaces marked with x or in the side slots marked business Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm. The evening of the opening visitors may utilize the lot fully, starting first with the aforementioned parking sections.

Memphis is a cross sections for so many talented and visionary artists that Jason Miller created three lists equally as large as the lineup for this exhibition, and Miller wants to make clear that this exhibition is not to be an all-inclussive survey. This exhibition picks up where the original Circuitous Succession left off, only it crosses over from the solo exhibition format to the group exhibition mode in order to allow more important artists into its ranks in a longer runner show. Many artists not included in this exhibition may appear in future exhibition installments. Miller personally wishes to thank every artist featured in this exhibition for allowing him the privilege of working with you and to thank the many more artists, extending beyond those included in this lineup, for the many efforts that you have graced our community with both locally and abroad.

As an independent curator Miller has been asked why he dedicates so much time and effort into organizing non-profit art events for the public; Miller's response is simply that he enjoys doing it. Furthermore, he finds it personally rewarding to work with a wide array of artists and artworks of all mediums as an exercise outside of his art practice.

The viewer is encouraged to arrive with a mind that is free of pre-established expectations and encounter this exhibition experience as a detour from normal gallery presentation, and rather expect unusual arrangements and to be caught off guard by works located in unsuspected places. The exhibition curator is incorporating selective custom lighting with ambient environmental lighting to allow the sense of place to blend with the presence of the artworks. Works will be traditionally labeled and an optional handout will assist visitors in locating all works on view. Staff members will provide assistance in navigating the space and an elevator is accessible for all three levels where artworks are located. The installations in the stairwells are viewable from the ground level.

A special commemorative Exhibition Guide will be the first 100 visitor's momento to keep! (Preview)