Energy Meets Wisdom by Jason Miller Sponsored by Le Bonheur

Jason Miller selected a small amount of youth and elderly drawings from the work of hundreds of participants. This page will keep you posted on the final selections chosen to become a part of Miller's new mural titled Energy Meets Wisdom. The concept behind this new large scale complex image is that the energy waves of youth flow into and merge, or perhaps clash, with the imagery of the elderly. There are strange similarities between the images made by the elderly and youth participants, and yet there is a stark yet subtle difference in the subject matter and content of the two vastly diverse age groups.

Energy Meets Wisdom is a commission wherein Le Bonheur funds me to make a 12' X 4' mural for their new building by combining my personal images in working with both the elderly and children so that after I have workshops with all the participants I make the drawings=energy of the children flow like a wave of energy into the drawings of the elderly=wisdom flowing from the opposite direction of the image panel. The two energies meet and combine in the middle, thus joining the energy of the young with the wisdom of the old.

Excerpt from the writings of Jason Miller during the making of Energy Meets Wisdom: The children made the images on the child's side and I left it to their spirits to make what their hearts felt compelled to make. The piece is hopeful because it moves from dark to light. The world has both positive and negative in it and it would be deceptive and artificial not to convey both sides of the spectrum. I am against the lies that the artificial one's love to tell. I make art from the soul and not art slanted towards the way of the artificial maze that for the most part has been constructed around nearly every aspect of our lives.