Nearly three year’s ago when I embarked on this project it started as a simple idea; I wanted to spend time with the community at Gaisman Park and document every area of the diverse spectrum of life that occured on a daily basis. Two weeks were spent photographing the imagery that I would use to create the final designs for the three murals that form together as The Mural at Gaisman. Once the final designs were complete and approved, then began the meticulous process of translating it into the final painting. I needed the highest skilled painters available to recognize the heightened photo realism into painted form. The extraordinary artist that helped realize the goal demonstrate the stark difference between a computer teathered printer and the ability of human beings to take in through the eyes, process imagery, and then translate through the creative enginuity of brush strokes, color mixing, and artistry. I am proud of the accuracy demonstrated in relation the the source imagery I created. 

We worked hard to ensure proper registration and alignment throughout the enlargement process.

25 gallons of Nova Color clear gel medium, 45 gallons of Nova Color paint, over 30,000 photographic images made from two weeks of living with nearly every activity shared by the people at Gaisman, numerous extraneous materials, Jason Miller's imagination and final imagery arrangement translated into the painted medium by three of Memphis' finest painters (Jan Hankins, Ross McLean, and Eric Bork) and the final result is The Gaisman Mural

Today the band came and the people of Gaisman danced, then they all walked outside to view the final installed mural. We are in the final stages and will release extensive process and detailed install shots upon the projects completion. Commemorative signage will mark the site once the final varnishing is accomplished.

It has taken ample human-hours to carry out this complex and demanding project, and I am confident we have done the people of Gaisman justice...indeed we have given them our all!

Thanks to all who have played a positive role in helping bring this project to fulfillment. Special thanks to Carl Scott for stopping by often to volunteer his time to this project.

Stay Tuned For Dedication Ceremony Announcement,

Jason Miller,
Commissioned Artist and Project Director


The Mural at Gaisman is made possible by the imagination of Jason Miller and his team of expert artists.

However, without the extraordinary people of Gaisman Community Center for Miller to document and form his inspiration from... There would be no mural at all. Special thanks to Urban Art and the City of Memphis.

The mural team consists of the following:

Jason Miller, Project Director / Commissioned Artist 

Jan Hankins, Fine Art Painter

Ross McLean, Fine Art Painter

Eric Bork, Fine Art Painter

Carl Scott, Volunteer