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1. Submit a 500pxl X 500pxl PNG or JPG 72 dpi file that includes entising image combined with your arts organizational logo. (All applications will be considered, but our priority is to promote individual artists, organizations that are related to the visual arts, performing arts, musical arts, theatre, dance, art galleries, museums, art non-profits, or arts support organizations. art supply stores, and local businesses such as fine dining restaurants are also welcome.)

2. Include one sentence that sums up your organizations mission or a summary statement of your cause. And also include the link (IP Address) where you want your ad to point.

If your advert fits our criterion, then you will receive an acceptance notification prompting you to pay your monthly or annual advertising fee. Advertising is at a rate of twelve dollars a month paid in full once per year. Annual fee is 144.00 or paid by month is 20.00 per month. You gain a savings of 8 dollars per month by paying annually and your adverts run continuously on our affiliate sites. All advertisers are rotated and receive equal exposure in all locations where advertiseents run on,, 

3. Upon payment of the advertisment fee your ad(s) will appear within 24 hours.

Want your organizational logo featured in more places? Read below to elevate your advertising status to priority.

Priority Advertising

4. If you wish to upgrade to priority advertiser, then you will not only be featured in the advertisment section of our affiliate websites, but you will be featured in the advertising section of our electronic mailings, which go out to over 600 individuals and organizations in Memphis, TN and around the globe.

The add-on fee for priority inclusion in mailings and select social media outlets is 500.00 annually.

Sponsorship Status Advertising

Or 1000.00 annually gains you sponsorship status and inclusion on all electronic and printed materials. And you get mention in any radio or television interviews conducted or participated in by our affiliate organizations.

Are you a business or individual with your own large mailng list with an interest in reaching new audiences? If so send us a propossal to trade advertising space and you may qualify for a fee waiver in exchange for equal expossure!