La Grande Paradoxical Vigil: Jed Jackson

Description of Jed Jackson's exhibition curated by Jason Miller "La Grande Paradoxical Vigil"
This is the first of a sixteen part exhibition series curated by Jason Miller. Jed Jackson is predominantly known for his oil paintings and his gouaches, however, he also makes photographs of conviction that are fitted with the inner-workings of humor and interest in the mundane side of art gallery operation. Jackson uses the photographic medium to construct a three photo series. More still, all of his artwork is informed with his interest in film, music, and history. This exhibition is not intended to present Jed Jackson as Painter nor Photographer alone, but rather in select sections that represent his studio practices, film and reading habits, sense of humor, and accumulated collection of records, vintage film posters, and objects.
The inaugural exhibition, featuring Jed Jackson, opened to the public on Friday, July 19th from 6pm - 9pm. event page

Photographs of Mary Boone Gallery, West Broadway and Chelsea. Image caption from left to right: 

(1) 1990, Cibachrome, 16"x20"
(2) 2000, Cibachrome, 16"x20"
(3) 2004, C-Print, 16"x20" 

All images were made in the same location at different time periods.

This image series will be featured as part of the exhibition, "La Grande Paradoxical Vigil".