Mary K VanGieson: Purse–Concealment Vessel



*A special note on this Friday's opening. The event is publicized for Gasoline and Gasoline will play a role in the opening. However, a curatorial decision based on content and other elements has brought about an interesting development. The main feature of the show will be held at West Memorials 2481 Broad Avenue, which is next door to Gasoline Gallery heading West towards Hollywood road. Referring to content connection to environment, the viewer will understand why the space was utilized upon visiting this Friday's reception. Wine, beer, and all food refreshments will be at West Memorial in the conference area. Mary K VanGieson's work will be exhibited throughout the space. Jason Miller will be rotating between the two venues. Mary K will deliver an artist's talk promptly at 7pm, which is to occur in West Memorial's rear gallery area. This was an exciting installation week and I am extremely happy with the final results of both mine and Mary's labor.

There was a week long power outage at the Gasoline space, and while the manager ofGasoline worked to resolve the situation... I investigated spaces to ensure that this series, which I administer with great care, had provisions made to guard over its progress. I am thrilled with what happens when one adapts and allows nature to run its course. An intuitive process guided this particular show's installation. Researching spaces led me to make connections bewteen the content of Mary K's work and the atmosphere of West Memorials. Signage will direct visitors to the West Memorial space, which is a few mere steps away from Gasoline's front door.

A special appreciation and thanks goes to the good people at West Memorials!

Again, this message regards to Mary K VanGieson's OPENING RECEPTION 10/25/2013



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Friday, 10/25/2013

6pm- 9pm

Gasoline (art gallery)
2493 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112

Location: Gasoline (art gallery) 2493 Broad Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38112
Date / Time: Friday, October 25th from 6pm until 9pm
Mary K. VanGieson
Originally conceived as an outside pocket for men, the purse or pouch as it was then known was carried primarily by men to hold currency and the keys to the castle. Women had no money or castle keys so did not need a pouch. As fashions changed, the pouch became a pocket sewn into men’s clothing and women began hanging pouches from their waists. From there the pouch evolved to a hand-held object which kept women’s things in private. 
The history of the handbag mirrors female independence. In the 14th century a lady paraded her worldly goods from a chain on her hip. In the 21st century her wealth may be implied by the opulence of her bag, but it is never truly revealed. The power of the handbag (and of a woman) dwells in solidity, secrecy and graceful self-containment. The purse is an object made to carry the private through a public space.
So it is with my vessels which may or may not be purse-like, but all able to hold a secret. 
I also have this poem, "I have a Handle on the Situation" by David Roby and have used it in the artist’s book.
I have a handle on the situation,
I have a handle on my space and contents.
My vacant hollow.
Or the items of which I house a dozen odds and ends.
I always know what I possess or what may be un-there or missing.
To study my physiognomy, one might think not much or lacking.
But closer on inspection, I am near divine and worthy of great travels.
A true companion of love and comfort, recognition, the familiar.
I have been held in such a clutch and such a love storm
by my mistress and her values.
She takes me aboard a thousand footsteps, always holding on and never 
once ignoring.
Mostly I am there to steady, to balance her or witness.
She sometimes shuffles through my soul in search of needy things,
Like painted sticks and looking glasses of which I keep most dear.
She searches inward and there she looks inside my sacred space.
Full of painted stick and looking glasses,
I am my lady’s handbag.
-David Roby
For this, the thirteenth exhibition in the Circuitous Succession Series, we focus on Mary K VanGieson's interpretation of the purse as a vessel for concealment and portable privacy invention that allows one to navigate through public spaces with personal belongings. This work ranges in medium and creation period. This exhibition is the fruit of research and an extended studio visit, which honed the overall vision for the unison of these works. The statement and poem above speaks of the ideas that helped Mary and I arrive at an interesting arrangement.


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