Maternal Shabbat: Born of Aqueous Tones : Robin Salant

Maternal Shabbat: Born of Aqueous Tones

In this fourth installment of Circuitous Succession, Jason Miller arranges artworks and objects connected directly and indirectly with the marriage and motherhood experiences of Robin Salant. Salant is known for her work with multicolored lights and art installations. 

Salant was given numerous wind chimes upon her marriage and later gave a water birth delivery when she had her child. During her pregnancy she participated with several artists, including Murray Riss and Jason Miller, in regards to making maternal photographic portraits of her during her months of pregnancy—this was how Miller first was captivated by the maternal connected areas of Salant's experience. The exhibition idea was sparked from these maternal portraits. However, these initiating images become part of a collective use of symbolism and art objects to form a more sculptural and environmental presence. 

Predominantly, the installation invokes the senses of sight, touch, and sound. In addition, to the stimulation of multiple senses, this exhibition experience yields a focus on the relevance of meditation in connection with ritual and human existence. In addition, to touching and seeing, the viewer may take a moment to close his or her eyes to fully isolate the activity of listening to the environment as a form of meditation.

All viewers will be encouraged to participate and interact with components of this installation oriented exhibition event.

Additional Credits
Special thanks to Murray Riss for giving us permission to use his Maternal Portrait as part of the dialogue in this installation and overall project.

Statement by Robin Salant 

When Jason Miller approached me about curating an exhibit from work and personal objects he would select during a studio visit, I knew it would require much trust and vulnerability. He chose personal items and stories that interested him and somehow, in his view, connected my life to my work. In 2012 much of my creative energy culminated in the creation of my marriage rituals, and the installation of a deliberate birthing environment. Jason chose many objects from these very personal, artful events. While the ingredients of the show are mine, the concept, title and vision are Jason’s. 

Time: 6pm- 9pm
Date: Friday, August 9th
Location: Gasoline Art Gallery 2493 Broad Avenue, Memphis, TN 38112

Each exhibition opens Friday with a reception from 6pm-9pm and remains on view by appointment until the following Wednesday after the opening.