Jason Miller is presently and was the lead Museum Media Specialists on the following projects at The Art Museum of The University of Memphis. His project contributions were in the area of technology and communication. His duties ranged from creative solutions and problem solving-to engineering remote submission events-to supervising graduate assistants throughout various tasks during field operations and in the Museum. Electronic collections management, data solutions, public relations, social media outputs, website design and maintenance, digital audio and video, photography, security and being a key holder to the Museum, creating calls to artists, RFQ's, overseeing submission processes, facilitating the role of ArtLab Selections Committee Chair, serving as a member of the Women's History Month Executive Committee, and generating original idea contributions as part of a team are all part of Miller's role as the Museum Media Specialist. Miller is project manager and curator for the Annual Juried Exhibitions wherein he works with the juror in the selection process. He then arranges, lays out, hangs, lights, publicizes, and documents the exhibition events. Miller's background in photography and specialization in lighting is applied when he lights most exhibitions at AMUM.

Museum Photography for this project by Jason Miller, Museum Media Specialist

Carroll Cloar: In His Studio Paperback – October 1, 2014

AMUM Exhibitions worked on by Jason Miller 2012-present

Alma Mater (In the Making) March 23-April 14
Sheryl Oring and Dhanraj Emanuel
Immigrant March 23-April 14
(Photographic Series by Dhanraj Emanuel)
Caseworks: New York South with Jen Bandini, March 23-April 14
Alex Gingow, Joy Garnett, Katherine Duckworth
& Michael Scoggins
Stripped: MFA Thesis Exhibition April 21-June 2
Benjamin J. Netterville, Chris Wallace, Christan
Mitchell, Andrew James Williams, Ginger Frye,
Candace Hitt (Spring 2012)
Caseworks: New York South with Jen Bandini, April 21-June 2
Alex Gingow, Joy Garnett, Katherine Duckworth
& Michael Scoggins
Alma Mater: University of Memphis June 16-Sept. 15
Sheryl Oring and Dhanraj Emanuel
The Daily Helmsman: The Voice of the Students June 16-Sept. 15
Caseworks: Jay Etkin: Patterns, Subdivisions and June 16-Sept. 15
Zoo Animals
Hot, Cold, Cool: A Collection of Prints by Sept. 22, 2012-Jan. 12, 2013
International Artists
By the Fire of Satire: Russian Propaganda Prints Sept. 22-Nov. 21
(translated by Andrei Znamenski)
ArtLab: Jan Hankins: 11 SEPTEMBERS Sept. 22-Nov. 21
Caseworks: Clare Torina and Stephen Almond: Sept. 22, 2012-Jan. 12, 2013
Rock Doctors
Corner: MFA Thesis Exhibition Dec. 1, 2012-Jan. 12, 2013
Brian Edward Bundren, Jennifer Burton,
Katie Maish, Kathleen Murray (Fall 2012)
Art(ifact): Museum Studies Exhibition Dec. 1, 2012-Jan. 12, 2013
30th Annual Juried Student Exhibition Feb. 2-March 16
Juror: Haejung Lee
Student Show ArtLab: Michelle Foster: Feb. 2-March 16
Claustrophobia Shelter
Caseworks: Eli Gold: Are We Human or Are Jan. 18-March 2
We Dancers
Caseworks: Muted Belles: A Monument to Women March 3-March 31
Of Memphis
Time Pools: Accessing the Aquifer April 6-May 24
(collaboration with League of Imaginary Scientists,
UM Ground Water Institute, Jason Miller digital art class)
ArtLab: Michelle Foster: Claustrophobia Shelter April 6-May 24
Caseworks: Erica McCarrens: Case Studies: Other Matter April 6-May 24
In His Studio: Carroll Cloar June 8-Sept. 7
ArtLab: Caterina Tiazzoldi: Instant Installation June 8-Sept. 7
Caseworks: Tim Kinard & Elizabeth Owen June 8-July 12
Caseworks: Christy Schuchardt Frank July 19-Sept. 7
Bauhaus twenty-21: An Ongoing Legacy, Sept. 21, 2013-Dec. 23
Photographs by Gordon Watkinson
(organized by Foto+Synthesis)
Beyond the Cabbage Rose: Textiles Go Modern Sept. 21, 2013-Dec. 23
ArtLab: Terri Phillips: We Have Always Lived Sept. 21, 2013-Dec. 23
In the Castle
Caseworks: Dustyn Bork: Abandoning Sept. 21-Nov. 4
Caseworks: Bricks and Mortar Boards: Nov. 8, 2013-Jan. 4, 2014
Building the Modern University
31st Annual Juried Student Exhibition Feb. 8-March 19
Juror: Miranda Lash
Student Show ArtLab: Freeman Brown III: Feb. 8-March 19
Caseworks: Sunny Montgomery: The Feb. 8-March 19
Porcupine Effect
Disappearing Ink. A Project by John Salvest April 5-June 28
Caseworks: Darryl Thetford: Struggle to April 5-June 28
Evolve Before the End of Time
Andy Warhol Prints: Art and Irony July 12-Sept. 13
Culture and Resistance, Civil Rights Photography: July 12-Sept. 13
Memphis 1968
ArtLab: Shara Rowley Plough: The Hunting Set July 12-Sept. 13
Caseworks: Follow Me by Andrew James Williams July 12-Sept. 13
Juvenile-in-Justice: Photographs by Richard Ross Sept. 20-Nov. 26
Perceptions of Me: Memphis Project by Penny Dodds Sept. 20-Nov. 26
ArtLab: Eduardo Benamor Duarte: Fijiji Blocks Sept. 20-Nov. 26
Caseworks: Ruxandra Olariu: Here and There Sept. 20-Nov. 26
Featured Creature: Animals in Ancient Egyptian Art Sept. 20-Nov. 26
32nd Annual Juried Student Exhibition Jan. 31-Feb. 28
Juror: Warren Lehrer
Student Show ArtLab: Kaitlyn Dunn: Jan. 31-Feb. 28
Caseworks: Objects from AMUM's Collection Jan. 31-Feb. 28
What I Kept: Curated by Penny Dodds Karwacz Feb. 26-May 8
(UM Lambuth campus, Varnell-Jones Bldg.)
What I Kept: Curated by Penny Dodds Karwacz March 14-July 15
Photography by Jason N. Miller
Beth Van Hoesen March 14-July 15
ArtLab: Juan Rojo: Pink Room/De Color de Rosa March 14-July 15
Caseworks: Objects from AMUM's Collection March 14-July 15
Samuel H. Crone Aug. 1-Sept. 19
HVAC RENOVATION Sept. 2015-March 2016
Do It! (Crosstown Arts) March 4-April 2
(Hamlett Dobbins, Curator/Manager)
Do It! (UM Lambuth) March 17-March 22
(Lendon Noe, Curator/Manager)
Do It! (AMUM) April 9-May 7
Flying Colors: Asafo Flags of the Fante April 23-May 7
(Museum Studies Exhibition Class Project)
Flying Colors: Asafo Flags of the Fante May 20-October 1
This May Surprise You (extended) Oct. 15, 2016-Jan. 14, 2017


34th Annual Juried Student Exhibition Feb. 4-March 11, 2017
Juror: Umar Rashid (aka "Frowhawk Two Feathers")

Student Show ArtLab: Mother State: Feb. 4-March 11, 2017
Alex Burden/Ellen Dempsey

Caseworks: Objects from AMUM's Collection Feb. 4-March 11, 2017

Survey Two: Boundaries of Normal March 25-April 22, 2017
(a project led by Catherine Pena)

LANA Neighborhood Portrait Project (UM Lambuth) March 23, 2017
(Lendon Noe, Project Manager/Curator)

"Wars in Words: The Art of Propaganda" March 25-April 22, 2017
curated by Lenora Bendall

"Who Run the World" (Women's History Month) March 25-April 22, 2017

AMUM CLOSED FOR WALL/FLOOR April 23-August 17, 2017

Stopping in Memphis (Curated by Dwayne Butcher) August 18-Sept. 23, 2017
Featured Artists: Justin Bowles, Alan Duckworth,
Meredith Olinger, Alex Paulus, Esther Ruiz,
Jared Small, Jill Wissmiller

The Quick and the Dead: Drawings and Obituaries August 18-Sept. 23, 2017
By Chris Honeysuckle Ellis

Caseworks: Stopping in Memphis: Franklin Wallace, August 18-Sept. 23, 2017
Leanna Hicks, Nate Renner, Georgia Creson, Anthony D. Lee

Desert to Delta: Saudi Contemporary Art in Memphis October 8, 2017-Jan. 6, 2018

Desert to Delta (UM Lambuth) November 6, 2017 (Lendon Noe, Project Manager/Curator)


35th Annual Juried Student Exhibition, February 4-March 17, Curated by Jason Miller, Jurors: Virginia Overton & Jocko Weyland, Student Show ArtLab: Loop: Lacy Mitcham February 4-March 17

Caseworks: 35th Annual Juried Student Exhibition February 4-March 17, Kaitlyn Dunn: Dust to Dust

Monster Marks Exhibition (Curated by March 25-July 28, Sherry CM Lindquist, Hohenberg Chair of Excellence)

Caseworks: MOLA May 19-July 28 (Curated by Megan Murphy, Museum Studies Graduate Student)

Consuming Passions ll: A Collection of Collections, on view Aug 19th-Oct 6th, Curated by Warren Perry Jr.

Barrier Free a project by Yancy Villa in collaboration with We Are For Freedoms, Opera Memphis, Latino Memphis, AMUM

36th Annual Juried Student Exhibition, Art Museum of the University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

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