Artists featured in this exhibition are commercially represented by the following:

Jay Etkin Gallery

Jay Etkin
Roy Tamboli
Norman Soskel
Mike Coulson
Nathan Yoakum

David Lusk Gallery

Greely Myatt
Jeane Umbreit
Pinkney Herbert
Beth Edwards

Linda Ross Gallery

Jeanne Seagle
Elisha Gold 

Tops Gallery

Terri Phillips

Gallery 56

Nancy White

Duane Reed Gallery

Jed Jackson 

Select Artist Websites:

Pixy Yijun Liao -
Jay Etkin -
Jason Lanier -
Beth Edwards -
Erin Jennings -
Jed Jackson -
Caterina Tiazzoldi -
Shara Rowley Plough -
Eduardo Benamor Duarte -
Nathan Yoakum -
Norman Soskel -
Pinkney Herbert -
Brian Anderson -
Colin Kidder -
Amelia Briggs -
Judith Barrie -
Jeane Umbreit -
Lauren Coulson -
Mike Coulson -
Annette Fournet -
Lawrence Jasud -
Joey Miller -
Ross McLean -
Anne Froning -
Saj Crone -
Mary K VanGieson -
Eric Painter -
Terri Phillips -
Greely Myatt -
Roy Tamboli -
Bienvenido Howard Romero -

This is not a commercial exhibition and art is not a commodity within this show. However, I credit the many great galleries that have nourished and supported many of the artists represented in this series. So, if you discover art that you want to buy, then ask the artist about how to obtain his or her work. If you ask me via email or in person, then I will be more than happy to refer to the artist or artist’s representing gallery.