Jason N. Miller is an artist, curator, museum professional, and gallerist. He is principal and curator of Circuitous Succession Gallery in Memphis, TN. He serves on the Board of Directors for Number: Inc Magazine. He founded Masonic Contemporary at Scottish Rite of Memphis non-profit 501(c) 3 and the Circuitous Succession Series that led to the formation of the commercial gallery of the same name. Miller serves at the Art Museum of the University of Memphis and maintains an art practice that includes public and private mural commissions (visit murals at Overton Square, LeBoneur Children's Hospital, and Gaisman Park in Memphis), museum and gallery exhibitions, as well as art productions working with diverse individuals ranging from established artists to the homeless. Miller teaches digital art part-time at The University of Memphis and leads workshops that engage the community–also, serving as a member of the Women’s History Month Executive Committee at The University of Memphis.
He works in imagery ranging from photography to painted murals, intimate sculptures, personal audio recordings, and curatorial endeavors. Miller began his art practice in 1998–Memphis, TN, which has been home to both his studio practices and curatorial projects. Miller received his Master's of Fine Art from The University of Memphis in 2010 and has taught art foundations and digital art since 2007 at the UofM. 
The intuitive process and experimentation in respect to the thought patterns of childhood remain constants through the vast and diverse range of all J N Miller’s projects. Learn more about Miller’s art projects at, and