Museum Media Specialist, Art Museum of The University of Memphis

June 4, 2012- Present

Description of my role as Museum Media Specialist

(Full-Time Salaried Professional Staff)

Responsible for proper opening and closing of museum operations on a daily basis, which includes securing entries, setting alarms, checking for security breeches, and ensuring that a count of all visitors to the museum is maintained. During emergencies I must function as a key staff member to ensure all people are guided out of the museum to safety. I am entrusted by the Art Museum of the University of Memphis with full security responsibility to protect inestimable Egyptian Antiquities and artifacts and priceless artworks. Maintenance of online presence, including website and social media apparatus. Assist in installing exhibitions and technology-oriented components pertaining to exhibitions. Consultations and advising in the area of technology is a key part of my role at the Museum. Working with the public and exercising regular communication with all guests of the Museum. Additional responsibilities include functioning at times as a docent in leading guided tours of contemporary exhibitions, working in the capacity of the ArtLab selections committee chair, meeting and working with guest artists, entertaining visiting artists, and leading advocacy think tanks.


As an artist, I find it a rewarding and dependable part of my earnings to work in the museum environment.