Sacred Dairy Cooler Geometry

Sacred Dairy Cooler Geometry

Sacred Dairy Cooler Geometry stems from photographic images I make of human subjects submerged within the grocery store retail setting as seen from the vantage point of looking out of a dairy cooler. The consumer is dwarfed by the products and in a sense unites with the shapes of the product casings. UPC codes, lids, and plastics mingle with flesh, jewelry, and eye glasses. Product labeling courts and clashes with human adornment. And then, from behind the facade of overt bling, a subtle chorus of vocal and mute communication occurs.  

The parallel between the human soul and the products’ inner contents becomes apparent. After making the initial images of the human subjects amidst the products, I then electronically go into the images to manually map the shapes that emerge in sonar-connecting patterns. In this process my eyes course organic alignments and artificial curvatures in communion between person and product. 

Through this circuitous route I reveal underlying blueprints that unite the shapes of the human skin vessels with the plastic product containers. This ritual meditates on the contrast between consumer commodities and human dignity. The intuitive process occurs in two stages, first during the spontaneous process of allowing photographic moments to emerge and be recorded–secondly, upon discovering the paths led by the compositional abstractions encoded within each skeletal image, decryption is manifested.

Jason Miller 

aka Soulrecorder