The Six Figural Hours is a term I apply to the inner transformation that occurs as I photograph the human body, especially the eyes in combination with gesture. To explain further, the abovementioned term encapsulates my process of slowly growing in complexity and mental depth from the skeleton of a basic idea into a before unobtainable vision the longer a photographic session progresses. In short, without the pains of mental travel and experience the idea cannot grow beyond a mere embryonic level. At first, there is a very subtle connection between the model and I through the interpreter, which is the camera. However, after an hour the veil of distance begins to lift as the camera becomes transparent, and only then I begin to collect the fruit of my efforts. From the six different photo sessions featured within this book, only a small amount of truly magnificent images were yielded, and each of the six was sparked only by the first grueling hour. From the ruble of nearly two thousand photographs made over the course of six effective hours, I have collected the small amount of images I deem worthy of materialization.