The Bristled Image Gang with the Ecstatic Dancers: Ross McLean

The Bristled Image Gang with the Ecstatic Dancers

New oil painting and charcoal works by Ross McLean

Friday, 10/04/2013

6pm- 9pm

Gasoline (art gallery)
2493 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112

Exhibition Title: The Bristled Image Gang with the Ecstatic Dancers
Statement by Ross McLean
For the past few years, I have been interested in turning domestic and other interior personal spaces into stages for imagined psychodrama. At times, the characters express their own discomfort, while at others, they are passive. Sometimes they are totally unhinged. With this selection of drawings and paintings, I have some fun with the notion of the home as a normative space, as well as with my desire for drama. Subjects in these works include an imaginary film crew working on a set about a person's breakdown and a surreal dance party, among others.


This, the eleventh exhibition in the Circuitous Succession Series, features new work by Ross McLean.

Jason Miller first became familiar with the highly rendered oil paintings of Ross McLean in 2008. Since that initial period, Miller saw McLean's literary based work expand in complexity of subject matter. Miller has been subject of some of McLean's paintings, which helped him see the process from the inside as well as from the viewing experience of completed works. Miller has had insight into McLean's thinking process that guides the way McLean formally sets up his paintings.

This exhibition features a never-before-shown and entirely new series. Ross McLean's work holds mystery and intensity, yet with a subtle polish that leaves the viewer staring puzzled into seemingly mundane moments, while hunting for clues to answer riddles laid forth through exquisite lighting and carefully placed compositions. 

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