Valia Oliver: Eclipsing Colors

This exhibition opened to the public on July 26th, 2013, from 6pm until 9pm. eventpage

The second installment of this sixteen-installment exhibition series curated by Jason Miller features Valia Oliver, an amazing water color painter. Val comes from a family rich in artistry and is married to the Painter Jed Jackson. Miller became aware of Valia's overlapping layers of subtle opacities and complex color pallet and instantly wanted to curate a show based on his selections from her vast ensemble of watercolor works.

Miller noted a wide range of classical to contemporary art influences found in Val's work ranging from Cubism to Heightened Abstraction.

Miller finds human forms merged with rainbow montages poured forth as an array of colors rivaling that of the most diverse botanic gardens.

Miller's love for flowers and wildlife was complimented by Val's colorful arrangements and imaginative details.

Many of these water colors remind Miller of the style of Henri Matisse, who was one of the artists first to influence Miller's own work at an early age.

Untitled, watercolor, 48x24 inches