Web Design Mission


Specializing in art consultation and web design, these initiatives are dedicated to delivering artists with customizable and self maintainable beautiful responsive design websites that work on mobile devices as well as desk top computers. Quality and value for real artists and practical solutions are perpetually in mind throughout concept and design planning of your website. Each site is set to compliment the mood, ambiance, and demeanor of each artist's work. 


Web design initiatives ​are led by J N Miller, a Memphis based artist and Museum Media Specialist. The goal is to deliver responsive design web sites to artists with the foresight of tutoring the artists how to maintain their sites upon turning the final designs over for use in showcasing portfolio(s), bio, CV, the option of e-commerce, and social networking share options.

​Clients communicate directly with J N Miller throughout the process of designing their sites. Prospective clients should gather all necessary materials before submitting requests. Necessary materials for the building of websites include a word document that is Mac compatible, which includes didactic, title, description, pricing if essential, and any other key information that will be inserted as meta data and linked with images. All images should be saved as jpgs in srgb color profile, saving for web is desired, but not required before delivery of materials. All image files should be 1280 pixels wide at 72dpi. Images may be delivered larger than this and will be rescaled for optimal web requirements based on specific site design and need for enlarge-ability. If materials are presented in a way that require ample preliminary prep work before being added into the web design itself, an additional fee will be expected with the deposit amount. Please title image files to correspond with text description files. CV should be sent in a separate non-formatted word file in edited and spell corrected state. If CV is sent pre-formatted using tables and special margins, fonts, or spacing, then the CV will be preserved in PDF (Portable Document Format) and linked for online view or download from your site's CV page.

​The final half of web design fee is due upon tutoring session and turning over final website to client.  

​The site can be monitored annually, weekly, or bimonthly upon completion for an annual fee of 100usd, or if the client feels suitable for acclimating to maintain his/ her own site after the tutoring session, then the onetime design fee in its two part deposits is all that is required until the time when the client requests notable amendments and/ or new innovations or upgrades, added to the site.

The client is responsible for entering set-up billing for the domain and server host, and this set up can be led by J N Miller during an inaugural meeting preliminarily before web design can occur.

Once domain is purchased from a domain distributor for an annual fee ranging from 5 to 25 annually and a host server provider is set-up, and once all materials in received by an inhouse design team, then the site building will advance rapidly until completion. Turnaround time is approximately between two weeks and two months depending on organization and quality of materials upon initial reception.​

​All materials may be sent to jason.miller@soulrecorder.com through the free wetransfer.com 2gb file transferring service or delivered on a disc or thumb drive to the offices of Soulrecorder.